Future-Focused Enrollment Solutions

In a period of rapid change, the strategies we use will need to evolve quickly.

In just a few short years, college admissions offices find themselves contending with a demographic cliff, a Supreme Court decision on affirmative action, renewed scrutiny on legacy admissions, a drastic change in the availability of search names, the Department of Justice intervention against NACAC’s SPGP, a decline in trust of higher education as an institution, COVID, virtual visits, erratic student loan policies, and the rise of artificial intelligence in daily life.

It seems like just last year that the Varsity Blues scandal or the Common App transition difficulty was more than we could handle.

Teege Enrollment Services, LLC, was founded to help colleges and universities navigate this changing landscape with the most effective solution set available to them.  

A customized proposal can be created for each college or university we work with. Some of our most in-demand services include:

  • Recruitment Plan Audit
  • Communication Plan Review
  • Admissions Director Training and Coaching
  • Competitor Comparison Study

These services are available at discounted rates with membership to Leading Colleges.  Non-members who wish to improve their performance will receive personalized quotes for services. 

Teege Enrollment, LLC

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